torsdag 28 mars 2013


Got 30 minutes to do a bit of boat building today. Ripped the broken bottom part of my old pram's mast into what will become the tiller of my goat. Feels good that some parts of the old boat will continue sailing even though the boat itself lies on the bottom of a lake in Dalsland. The rest of the mast will probably become the boom of the skiff.

lördag 9 mars 2013

Added some bevels

"I want to go to the garage and build a bit" my son told me today, and who am I to argue? Got two bulkheads beveled using my new Stanley nr 4. Somehow I seems to have lost my old one that used to be my grandfather's (that is probably a criminal offence, so don't tell anyone). Anyway, the new Stanley that everyone says is crap actually did well. It doesn't look as well made as the old ones and it probably isn't, but it's definitely up to the job.