fredag 21 november 2014

Small steps forward

Got the last part planed off the centreboard case and planed and dry fitted some of the side cleats and side arms. More than half done, but still no glue. I deviated a tiny bit from the plans as I didn't plane a fixed amount of the side cleats, but rather planed them to fit the curvature of the hull. 

tisdag 4 november 2014

An old picture

Most building blogs misses pictures of the builder in the act of building. Especially I would like to see pictures of someone gluing, but what you get is before and after pictures. Not strange at all since gluing is stressful and messy so you can't really pause to take pictures. Therefor I arranged for a photographer (Harry, my oldest son) to take some pictures of me gluing. When I finally got to actually mixing glue, he had found something more interesting to do, but at least I got one picture of me taking out the temporary screws from the test fitting of the bottom in preparation for gluing..

måndag 3 november 2014

A bit of planing, and some routing

Got an hour and a half free, planed of the part that was sticking out on one side of the boat and then tried to saw out a hole in the first bulkhead for a ventilation port. Didn't work to well, had been so much easier to do before the bulkhead was fitted to the boat. Then I remembered that I had borrowed a router. A bit scary but it worked out nice. While I admired my work I got the idea that the router might be the solution for the centreboard case as well. Very happy with the result. Now it's just some work with the number 4 and then it will be the correct height. 

lördag 1 november 2014

Started on the sidearms

Planed the front sidearm level, rather than the straight bevel suggested in the plan. Seemed easier.