onsdag 19 augusti 2015

Some more sailing!

Sailed a longer trip in a hard breeze. Started with the whole family onboard, but Barbro and Hugo choose to get off after a short period of time, a bit too windy and uncomfortable was their verdict.. Hopefully there will be more sailing four up later. Harry and I continued for a very nice 1,5h sail in the local area. Managed to get a couple of litres of water over the side in a sloppy tack, but otherwise it went very well. Added more downhaul and less outhaul since the last sail which resulted in more speed and less heel. Very nice.

tisdag 4 augusti 2015

Finally I got to sail my goat at my home waters. It was a bit too windy for a longer trip, but Harry and I had great fun sailing around for an hour and a half or so. Since the last sail I had added hiking straps and that made a big difference to the feeling of safety as it was much easier to keep it flat during gusts.

 Here you can see my downhaul and halyard arrangement that works really well. Easy to use from the helm. You can also see the reefing arrangement and my box boom. Harry was in charge of "fika" and handed me sponge cake and fruit toffee on demand.

 This picture shows my nice ratchet block being fouled by a loose piece of string, my new hiking straps and my fivefinger covered feet. The shoes really improved grip, so I will be using them in the future.
 A detail of my halyard cleat.
 I could du with a bit more downhaul and a bit less outhaul I think...
 At the end the windspeed decreased and we got time for a selfie.
 In action. Pretty happy with how I hold the tiller and sheet, but I think a 10 cm longer tiller extension would have been even better.