måndag 27 april 2015

Second coat

Wet sanded and then applied a second coat. In the future I'll probably add a third coat as the paint didn't seem to cover the patches where I had sanded trough to the undercoat totally. For now it will have to do. 

fredag 17 april 2015


First layer got on today. Could have sanded a bit more before, but I hope it will turn out ok with a bit of sanding and a second coat. 

torsdag 16 april 2015

A bit more fairing

Sanded thoroughly and then added a little bit of fairing compound in the spots I gotten too little the first time. 

söndag 12 april 2015

Faired the fibreglass tape

With the "help" of Hugo, almost three years old, I faired the glass fibre tape and what scratches I could find. Some sanding and then it's time for red paint!

fredag 10 april 2015

First layer of paint

Scraped and sanded the epoxy coating. The idea was then to fair the glasfibre tape with epoxy and microballons. What a crap. How can anyone work with that? Like mixing epoxy with sand. Totally impossible to get decent results. Decided to lay on the undercoat instead. Will buy some readymade fairing compound and fair over the undercoat instead. 

måndag 6 april 2015

Trimmed of the edges of the glass fibre tape

Went much easier than expected. Cut into the epoxy outside of the tape at some spots, but I will definitely add a third coat of epoxy, so that is alright. Probably will turn the boat right side up again and finish the gunwales, wash the whole boat inside out, sand the inside, varnish it, add the hiking straps, etc., then turn it over, a third layer of epoxy and then the fairing and painting. But then again I might do it in some different order... 

söndag 5 april 2015

And a second layer..

I find it quite difficult to lay on epoxy wet on wet. Three layers in a row, I can't imagine ever getting smooth and even. I'll stop here after two layers, as I did on the inside. A third layer will go on after sanding, if I feel the need for it. It might be that I feel the need for sailing more...

Epoxy on the outside

First coat of epoxy as well as the 50mm glasfibre tape is on. I'm glad I have chosen to build a boat with so little fibreglass. What a messy and epoxy sucking thing that is!

fredag 3 april 2015


Sanding is not my favourite activity, but my AEG random orbital sander is great, and so are, surprisingly, the Biltema sanding papers. Had to take a break to fix dinner, but 30 min more and I would had been ready to epoxy coat the hull. Probably good that I had to take a break. When I get to it again I will certainly find lots of places that needs some extra sanding and the final result will be much better.