onsdag 16 september 2015

Sailing with my brother

What might have been the last warm weekend of this summer, my brother was visiting for a Metallica show, and the day after we got out sailing together. Really fun to get out together with another sailing adult. A nice breeze, full sail, sunny and warm, what's not to like about that?

 Rowing out from the ramp.

 My brother at the helm. My five finger shoes is also visible. These have really good grip even on wet surface which makes life easier.

 There seems to be a small leak in the centreboard box/floor joint.... Have to fix it this winter.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I had a small leakage in almost the same spot. I temporarely fixed by adding a piece of "american" grey tape on the external side of the hull. This stopped the leackage and lasted for 3 months, when finally I fixed it with epoxy. But it was not easy to find the micro-hole (I had to use a very thin pin and a lens to test the joint!)

  2. Are you sailing in the Southern Arcipelago?

  3. Hi Enrico, I did answer, but it has somehow disappeared. Yes so far I have been sailing in the southern archipelago, as well as on the waters outside my family's summer house on the island of Orust. The goat is on a trailer, so in theory I could be sailing anywhere. In practice there has not been as much time for sailing as I wish, so I have not spent any time trying to find ramps in new places, but concentrated on just getting out sailing.
    I'll go leak hunting during winter. I'll see if I can get out for a sail once more before winter and might try with tape to see if the leak is in the area I suspect it is.